Collage with male and female students and professors learning on their laptops and tablets

What is GUniverse?

GUniverse is about inspiration and creativity. It's the innovative combination of technology and teaching to create engaging, educational experiences. 

The Experience

  1. How will my class change?
    Your class experience will become even more engaging as you infuse technology as a regular tool for discovery and exploration. Instructors will apply the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) model to help you learn how to integrate technology into teaching and learning. You will have opportunities to take advantage of digital content and technologies as you create new understandings about what it means to be a teacher.
  2. How will this initiative help prepare me for teaching?
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  3. Increased collaboration
    Teaching is a collaborative profession, and collaboration is one of the quadrants of our conceptual framework. The technologies you will have access to will enable you to easily collaborate with peers on projects, share information, create stunning visuals and express your message using highly effective formats.

Saving Students Money

  1. Lower cost book options
    Many of the books you normally purchase as a print copy will be available in electronic format. These books are typically cheaper than print books (sometimes by up to 50 percent) and offer unique features that enhance the learning process.
  2. Warranty
    iPads with AppleCare+ have a two-year warranty that provides coverage (two instances) for damage from drops, 24/7 tech support and exemplary service. Those purchased through the GUniverse program get a third year of coverage FREE.
  3. Free apps
    All apps used in your coursework will be provided for free. These apps will be available to you while you are enrolled in designated courses. This way you can choose to purchase only those that you want to keep, and the others will disappear at the end of the course.
Female Graceland student with male child from the local community, teaching him on a tablet in .a classroom.
Female Graceland student working with two female community children, sitting together against a brick wall.
Female Graceland student sitting at a classroom table, working with a male child from the local community. on a tablet.

Graceland University students working with community children.